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Updated 11/1/2020

The AAEA Workshop, Lexington, 2004

Read Attendees Comments HERE (below)

I flew out of Ontario and through Houston, arriving in Lexington on the Friday before the week's workshop. I planned to be there a few days early to adjust to the intense and varied greens of the landscape.

How did I know I was back in Kentucky? Well, if you haven't been to the page from April, when I was an artist-in-residence, there are images there. Here are a few more:

Downtown Athens (pronounced "Aee-thenz"), where I was the guest at Rock Ridge Farm. I love the centrally hanging stop sign. Note the heavy traffic... not! Those parked cars are only there because of the auto repair shop!

You know you're in Kentucky when the saddles on the store ponies are real leather, and the pictures on the walls are racing history. And yes, it is only a penny to ride.

You know you're back in Kentucky when the fences lyrically bend across the greenest pastures for miles and miles. This is from Melissa and Bill's Rock Ridge Farm, where I was graciously housed for the week. I spent one evening in my hammock till dark watching fireflies just at the bend of this fence. What a memory!

It rained off and on all week, manna for a dry Californian. I didn't use hand lotion all week! Some of the storms were quite powerful, downing trees and drenching the landscape.

I enjoyed the rain and the early morning light coming in the window of my room, comfortable from the heat and humidity. My view was across the pastures of the farm--quite wonderful to wake to, and of course I could see the fireflies.

On Monday morning, the workshop began. Ten students, from many points of the compass, coming to learn the Color System and painting horses in landscape--how to capture the light. Most days we were indoors, due to the heat and thunderstorms. Over 110 (yes, 110!) paintings were done by the students this week.

On Wednesday morning, we were able to dodge the weather a bit and get outdoors for a demonstration of noon light and working on location.

The Kentucky Horse Park is beautiful, with many places to paint. In about an hour, maybe less, I was able to explain on location painting, and also do a 16 x 20 painting of the Art Studio building and the bay horse in the pasture.

Explaining the color of noon light and atmospheric perspective to the students:

Almost finished with the large shapes lay-in, now where'd that horse go?:

And the finished painting, with Barbara Livingston and who quips, "Now see how easily I painted this?"

And the unofficial class photo, minus one. Yup, there's that traveling modified golf cart easel!

In somewhat order--Fay, Karyl, Barbara, Connie, me, Veronica, Jenny, Charlice, Margi, and Kirsten. Melissa is missing.

Comments from students:

"This one has been the most professionally conducted workshop, and the facility is great! Elin is an excellent teacher and makes very hard work into fun. I hope there will be a repeat or continuation of Elin's class!"

"Keep going with what you are currently doing! Love the color and value and composition stuff"

"She is a wonderful teacher with the ability to verbalize her thoughts and good critique ability."

"Great having definite objectives to accomplish instead of just painting whatever we want. I now have tangible formulas to work from, both in terms of composition and color. I love Elin's enthusiasm and organization. I think she's the instructor I have learned the most from in all my history of AAEA classes. It was mentally and physically stimulating and exhausting. There was so much to absorb!"

"Elin was able to give us an abundance of information in a way that made it easy to understand. She pushed us hard to get us to produce and work through new concepts. I think we all had our AHA! moment. She's a terrific instructor. I would come again!"

"I'd definitely study with Elin again. Elin has so much more to teach me and I've thoroughly enjoyed her upbeat, encouraging and energetic teaching style. She has been an inspiring instructor whose ideas and teachings will be rumbling around in my head for a long time to come! I cannot wait to return and. . .the distance won't keep me away."

"The class was taught in an orderly manner and I love every single piece of info I learned. I felt nothing was a waste of time."

"Elin is really fun. The stuff she taught was radically different and well presented, so that I had some success. This is the best yet, and I've been taking since 1988!"