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Updated 11/2/2020

Elin Thomas' Color System

Color System Flash Cards!

Seven beautiful, full-color cards showing distinct times of day, with informative text on the reverse. Here's a sample of "Back Lighting":

The long-awaited, revolutionary Color System Flash Cards are HERE! Order them NOW (takes you to the bottom of the page).

Elin Thomas' Color System has revolutionized the painter's world with an easy-to-understand, logical way to use color to get the best and correct color every time for seven distinct times of day.

Early Morning Light
Late Morning/Early Afternoon Light
Noon Light
Evening and Sunset Light
Misty daylight

  • Each card is 7 x 5 inches, perfect for travel or clipping to your easel!
  • Reverse sides explain fully how to achieve these seven effects in your paintings.
  • Value plans for each time of day given.
  • Instruction sheet with glossary and pigment list.
  • Comes in a clear plastic bag to keep them clean and handy.
  • Backs of cards have detailed instructions on how to handle lights and darks, shadows and skies
  • Glossy card stock for ease of cleanup
  • Value scale for quick reference
  • Mini-Earth showing how light falls on your subjects for that time of day
  • Suggestions for good source material
  • More information to deal with variations and explanations

Read what people are saying!

Order your sets through Paypal's Shopping Cart with the buttons on the right, or use the printable order form.

Only $12.95 each set

$3 shipping up to five sets, US

$6 shipping to Canada up to five sets

No International Shipping (Coming Soon)

For ordering by other means, please click HERE for a printable order form.

Read what folks are saying:

Your Flash Cards are brilliant!  I have been using them all weekend. I was so intrigued with pulling the correct TOD card and holding it up to paintings I have done….wow!  You have created an amazing tool, Elin, and I just wanted to thank you. Also, when will you be posting your next workshop schedule?
 --Ginny Fleming

I did get my cards and was very pleased. In fact, I was so pleased, I took them to my class today and showed them to my students.  When I pointed out the different features, the enthusiasm was obvious. I would like to order 5 sets for them! They can hardly please hurry 'cause that will be the first question next Thursday..."are they here yet?"  One woman insisted on using the "gray day" card today and already got paint on it!  I will exchange her card with mine and then laminate my own!  Lesson learned .
You must be pleased to see the success of such a venture.  Great idea.  --Yvonne George

Elin, got the flash cards yesterday, Brilliant!!
--Linda McFadden

Just got my flash cards. They are fantastic, with more info than I  even expected.
--Suzanne Ferguson