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Updated 3/20/11

Still Life Paintings

Most of these paintings have inantimate objects or fruit as the major subject. If you are interested in florals, please click here to go to a page of floral subjects.

Still life paintings that have sold are on a separate page.

"Carosel Horse" This painting is one of the Fabricritter series I did several years ago, along with Lila-cat and Shelf Life, another of the four. This was the last one, and I really pulled out the stops on it. Almost 90% of the canvas is made up of applied fabric swatches, over which I glazed acrylic color and medium to seal the swatches down. This is especially evident in the background.

The painting is a stretched canvas, and the flexibility of the fabric matches the canvas, plus the medium and paint are also flexible. Painting details such as the eye was just so much "eye candy!" 36x24 US $ 1200 Contact Elin or

A little bottle of the blues came off the brushes (in oil) tonight. This painting is not about the nifty variations of the little glass bottle, but about the shadow shape that defines the composition. Simple though it may be, the "L" shape of the shadow and bottle defines the image, and almost look like a blue hand coming up to pick up the bottle.

Original oil, 4 x 6 inches, $100

"Conservatism" Where do titles come from? I was looking at the position of this subject after I painted it, and the title just came out. Perhaps it is because the apple leans to the right and is on the right side.

Original oil, 5 x 7 inches. $100

"Nectarine" Ah, the joys of summer and the multitude of fresh fruit!  Is there anything so luscious as a aromatic nectarine with its succulent flesh?  Perhaps a peach?  Or a dark plum?  As the weather warms, so come these wondrous flavors and colors to our palates.  Yes, dessert!  Chiaroscuro in value, vibrant in reds and oranges, the first fruit of the summer is here forever.  $100  Gadfry, I LOVE to paint!!!
"White on White" The challenge of how to paint a seemingly simple subject of white onion on my grandmother's platter resulted in this 6 x 6 original oil for today's effort.
Every once in a while I find myself painting something totally silly.  Silly sock subjects.  As I was folding laundry this afternoon, I started to see these ordinary socks in a new way.  The character of the socks became more important than their utilitarian purpose.  Arranging them to reveal that character took almost as much time as the creation of the painting itself.  No master piece this, yet I found the painting of socks to be sublimely rewarding and funny.  I'm chuckling as I look at the painting attached, and almost feel as though the Aflack duck is looking back at me.  Who would have thought "Silly Socks" would have such character?  What makes a good painting?  Is it is the subject, or how it is painted, or the story it reveals?
  There's a question for the ages.  5 x 7 Original oil, $100 for a silly painting of silly socks! Good for a laugh anytime.
"You Say Tomato" Today's image contains more of the tomatoes that ended up in the salad du jour, but paused for a while on the taboret. I enjoyed painting these fellows because of the need to make them step back in space.  You see, I knew that was my focus before I even lifted a brush. We have tools at our hand to make distance appear on the flat planes of our canvas--saturation, focus, value.  I'm really pleased at how the edges change from tomato to tomato, and how the colors decrease in both value and saturation as the illusion is made to "fall back" in space.  As I sat and looked at their luscious form and color in the studio, that distance and space was not apparent. As artists, we make reality more beautiful.  7 x 5 oil for $100.
"Blueberries and Blue Glass" Here's another painting of things I'm uncovering in packing the move.  This small hand-blown glass creamer was my mother's, and she kept it on a window sill where the sun would shine through it.  I used to see it along with the the other glass pieces in the window when I came to visit.  I thought the natural colors of the blueberries would enhance the composition, and placing it all on an orange background makes for a very cheerful image!  Original oil, 7 x 5 inches $100
November 28

"Butterscotch" Oh, how I do love these hard candies! And after yesterday's complex painting, this was pure joy to paint...and eat! Contact Elin about this painting. $100

November 22

"Sweet Tooth #3, For Love or Money" Since many people love chocolate, this seems an appropriate title for this Sweet Tooth #3 painting. Original oil, 4 x 6 inches. Contact Elin about this painting. $100

November 18

"Macaroons" My all-time favorite cookie, and a wonderful dessert after painting these two coconut confections! Original acrylic on canvas 4 x 6 inches. Contact Elin about this painting. $100

"Persimmons" From life, a gift from the student living in our guest house, these delicious persimmons first found their way to this still life, before being sliced and consumed! Original oil, 6 x 12 inches $250

"Lattice Top Apple Pie" This 8 x 10 acrylic came off the brushes as I looked at the apples in this oh-so-ready piece of dessert. Calling some of my painting times "delayed gratification" results in the colorful pieces. Please note the blue int he shadow behind, which complements the yellow green and oranges of the light sides. Yum! $100 through the PayPal Link below.

Time to clean out the pill boxes! This action generated a painting today that is more what I'd like to do with the texture of the paint adding a distinct lusciousness I crave to see. There's a lot of palette knife instead of brushwork in this one. Hmmm, may have to get into the mindset of cleaning out pill boxes more often! This 5 x 7 inch oil is called "Close Friends" and joins the ranks of breakout paintings. I love it when creativity burps and these little gems appear.

"Vintage Ornament #3, Flocked" The weather has been dry, cold and windy, the only warm spots in sheltered corners of sunshine and the house cats are seeking indoor quadrants of warmth in the morning. The dry air is hard on my sinuses, but I was out with the machete cutting more cactus as I continue to clear out an area for a rock garden with succulents. 

And as I think about these ornaments coming to light, I am finally ready to paint this one--It has a special meaning. This one's a tree-shaped flocked glass with those colored bands again, this time they are red and blue. My earliest memory of this one was back in the late 50's when we lived near Washington, D.C. My dad worked in the Pentagon, and I was about six years old. I can remember lying under the natural spruce tree looking up at the lights and this ornament, and pretending I was out west somewhere. Although none of these ornaments are expensive, they are fun to paint and are precious to me. I heard from another list member who suggested that they be put on display on a spring rod in a window, high enough to be out of the range of the cats. It's a good idea! 5 x 7 Oil for $100 

"Mom's Demitasse" My mother had this set of vintage laquerware cups and saucers, lined with gorgeous gold paint, and I love to paint them, sitting on various surfaces. Original oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches, US $ 185 from Elin.
"It Ain't Easy Being Green" (Kiwi #1) Daily Painting, and delicious, too! Original oil on board, 5 x 7 inches. $100
"Outdoors Still Life"   This 12 x 9 inch oil painting was done as part of the demonstration for the "how to" portion of Elin's on-location instructional video, "Plein Air Painting with an ATTITUDE" which came out in July.  This painting is the result of teaching students how to set up a still life just outside the door of your studio to practice painting "on location". US $ 185 Email to purchase from the artist
"Study in Black" Elin brought out her mother's black laquerware demitasse cups for her students in the college painting class. Demonstrating black reflections was the exercise, and the finished 9 x 12 study shows the message well. Original acrylic on board, available for US $ 175 from the artist.
"White Pitcher and Tangerines" Setting up a still life in the studio is a great way to keep one's eye fresh and the paint flowing!  I never lack for subjects with bookshelves full of still life objects.  This painting resulted when another artist came to visit and paint.  The weather was too windy to go outdoors, so we stayed in and ended up with a couple of nice pieces of art!  Original oil on canvas, 14 x 18 inches. Price $375 Contact Elin or
"Homage to Margaret" Exploring the origins of the laquerware cups, Elin paints this still life of ginger jar, apple blossoms and the cups to pay honor to her world-traveling now-deceased aunt.  Original oil on canvas, 12 x 9 inches US $ 350 Email  or purchase with the button below:

"Inscrutable" Elin paints her cats, a lot.  They make great models, and seem to enjoy the attention.  This is "Mitty-Kitty" who was abandoned, covered in motor oil as a very young kitten.  Now a slender 4 year old, she's shy but has a purr that rattles windows! Original oil painting, 18 x 24 inches Price $440  Purchase with your credit card or Purchase from the artist or
"The Twins, Daddy and Unk" Elin's father and uncle were identical twins, and their lives paralleled in many ways.  From 30-year Naval careers and degress in electrical engineering, they remained close through their 91 years.  They both passed away at the same hour, one at four in the morning and the other at four in the afternoon.  Elin painted several paintings in memory of their lives.  Original oil painting, 24 x 30 inches Price $720 Purchase with your credit card or

"Rose, Pitcher and Cup" A small still life, capturing that almost Roman feeling of color and light.  Original acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas, 12 x 12 inches US $300