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Updated 9/22/10


Fast and Loose!

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From the back cover:

Elin Pendleton shows viewers how her upbeat attitude combined with time-saving techniques make painting with incredible acrylics both fun and eye-opening! Covering both beginning and advanced techniques, the many lessons inside give you information on basic and advanced supplies, asElin creates paintings alive with color and brush work.

In the first lesson, she uses a limited palette to paint a still life in her studio. During the second lesson, she focuses on ways to handle acrylics using their inherent gluey nature while painting “Uncle Willie”. In the third lesson, she moves to the Color System palette and paints “The Quest”, featured on the cover. She adds to this video with footage using acrylics on location with her pack goat Vincent van Goat. Also included is a short lesson on how a horse painting is developed, and slides of work with commentary on how they were painted.

During all demonstrations, she peppers her brushstrokes with commentary
along with her philosophy, “If it isn’t simple, it can’t be fun!” Also included are
many innovative short cuts and, of course, outtakes.

This DVD is designed and edited by an artist for artists!
The content is 100% valuable!

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Here's a (lo-res MP4) quick look!


Supplies for Beginners
Supplies for Advanced Painters

The Paintings:
Beginner Still Life "Lemons and Peonies"
Acrylics as Collage "Uncle Willy"
Using Elin's Color System: "The Quest"

Painting on Location
How Elin Paints Horses in Acrylics
Slide Show of Using Acrylics with Gel, Papers and Fabric
Outtakes (hilarious!)

This is the first lesson painting, using Elin's method of painting in layers with acrylics, using a limited palette. Great for the beginning acrylic artist!

The Still Life Painting from the Video!

The second painting showing how acrylics work as a glue for collage treatments:

The intermediate/advanced painting using Elin's Color System

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