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Updated 7/15/07

Elin's First Instructional DVD focusing on color is now available!


Available on DVD for just $24.95!

Elin Pendleton's fourth and first video focusing on color has been completed in response to the enormous success of her first digital lessons. As in the first lessons, Elin's upbeat message will show you how her positive attitude takes the "pain" out of "pain"ting! 

Elin finally reveals the methods and techniques for how she makes her paintings sing with color and light! Painting two horse subjects, she takes you on a journey through handling of paint, choice of color, and the methods that result in canvases alive with color, and clearly showing the viewer the time of day.

Below are the two finished paintings from the DVD, depicting morning light and moonlight using her fast and easy methods! She does both of these paintings in the lessons, from blank canvas to finished painting.

Elin Pendleton shows you how to paint the light of morning and moonlight in two painting demonstrations.  Her upbeat attitude combined with clear instructions will make learning to paint specific times of day an enjoyable experience.  Having taught for twenty years and being a professional artist for even longer, Elin will take you on a journey of how she creates paintings with brilliant color using a simple, logical system.  

With the idea that painting should be fun and with no mystery, you’ll see her create two paintings from start to finish.  From the beginning where she describes the colors she uses and the importance of value and composition, her explanations are clear and peppered with her philosophy that "if it isn't understandable, it can't be fun".  During this first of three DVDs on color, Elin paints a morning light English horse and rider, and then a moonlit western scene with a palomino horse.

 Elin is a full member of the American Academy of Equine Art and holds memberships in the Women Artists of the West and the National Acrylic Painters Association. Elin's paintings are in galleries on both coasts of the United States and have been featured in North Light publications and major art magazines.   

This DVD is a must for artists wanting to learn more about color.

                                                                                   One hour.

 Copyright June 2006 by Elin Pendleton and Faultline Productions, Wildomar, CA

Colorful Oil Painting 2 is out as a DVD, and Colorful Oil Painting 3 completes the set. The second DVD demonstrates evening and noon light, and the third DVD in the series shows afternoon light and backlit subjects.

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